“This new site is part of Aventiv’s larger transformation to better serve the families and friends who support their incarcerated loved ones” – Dave Abel, Aventiv CEO


DALLAS, August 23, 2022 — ݮƵIOS, the leading corrections technology company driving efforts to better serve incarcerated individuals through rehabilitative justice, today announced the launch of a website dedicated to providing information, resources, and support for the friends and families of incarcerated loved ones. The new site, , was built after meeting with consumers and reentry organizations who conveyed the need for a comprehensive online resource to help those who are supporting an incarcerated loved one. This new online resource is another example of the Aventiv’s continuing efforts to fulfill its and deliver much-needed resources for impacted families.

“Reentry is a collective process that should begin prior to a person’s release. The incarceration of a loved one is an uncertain, deeply upsetting, and confusing experience, which is why it’s so vital to connect the incarcerated and their support systems with resources and organizations pre-release to prepare for rejoining our communities,” said Richard Miles, Founder, President/CEO of . “We need to help each other which includes investing in resources that support the families, friends, and communities who experience the impacts of prison due to a loved one being incarcerated. Aventiv has proven their commitment to our reentry efforts, and we applaud their work in launching this new website which provides information that will benefit someone who is supporting a loved one who is incarcerated, and for when their loved one is preparing for release.”

The website is divided into three chronological sections designed to help navigate the incarceration, release, and reentry process for a friend, family member, or loved one. Months of research and consultations with experts went into developing the site, which aims to provide answers to some of the common questions that may arise throughout the incarceration process. It also centralizes valuable resources that can be useful to friends and families of the incarcerated.

“Our hope with this website is to inform and guide these families and friends as they navigate the strenuous incarceration experience when a loved one enters the system,” said Alisha James, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Post-Incarceration for Aventiv. “We want this site to serve as a resource to them to help facilitate better outcomes for the incarcerated people in their lives, while also providing resources focused on release and reentry.”

Using a series of questions like “How can I support my incarcerated loved one?” the website guides users through the initial period of incarceration to preparing for the early stages of their loved one’s release and reentry. It also includes tips on how to contact loved ones inside correctional facilities and the best ways to provide support and assistance to them as well.

Additionally, the website also has two sections dedicated to the release/reentry process which guide friends and families through how they can help their loved one build a positive and productive life after reentry, focusing on employment, housing, and physical and mental well-being as key factors for success.

This website, along with many other initiatives, is part of Aventiv’s multi-year transformation program announced in 2020, which focuses on five key commitment areas — accessibility and affordability; transparency; education, reentry, and recidivism; listening and responsiveness; and technology and innovation.