Dallas, TXݮƵIOS today issued the following statement in support of its subsidiary company JPay, LLC’s agreement with the State of New York Attorney General’s office to provide free stamps to JPay consumers incarcerated at NYSDOCCS and pay a one-time $50,000.00 fine associated with customer service complaints regarding the operability of older generation media tablets at correctional facilities in New York State.

We welcome this agreement with the New York Attorney General’s Office. Aventiv has been making dramatic progress in our multiyear transformation from a traditional telecommunications company into a modern technology provider supporting better rehabilitative outcomes. One of the ways we’ve made progress is by being collaborative with regulators instead of treating them like adversaries. As noted in the agreement, the complaints that the Attorney General’s office conveyed were issues we were already working to correct because, frankly, our company agreed with our consumers,” said Dave Abel, President and CEO of ݮƵIOS and its subsidiary JPay. “As part of our transformation, we prioritized listening to consumers and customers. We received unambiguous feedback requiring immediate attention. We faced a service problem, not a feedback problem. We needed to immediately address the quality of tablet services in New York State. That’s why we made a major leadership change and hired ourinaugural Chief Product Officer, Alex Yeo. Alex brought us a proven skill-set enhancing customer and consumer experience through new product innovation, and we empowered him to lead the way on product improvement.”

“We’ve beencollaborating with sales and operations to accelerate initiatives improving consumer and customer service — includingnewmeasurements to track progress, a targeted program for customer and consumer response to remediate problems, and an effort to strengthen our tablet ticketing team. Those measurements are providing clear benchmarks for continued improvements. Most importantly, we are moving to put 600,000 free tablets in the hands of incarcerated individuals nationwide by the end of the year and we believe our newest products are the besttablets yet deployed to support our consumers,” said Alex Yeo, AventivChief Product Officer. “We are grateful to theNewYorkAttorney General for her attention to these issues, and for the work her office does every day for consumers. They help give a voice to incarcerated individuals and play a critical role in boosting accountability across industries that for too long have been insular and unresponsive.”