Personal Stories of Justice-Impacted Individuals Returning to Their Communities Share Strategies and Insights That Allow Others to Be More Successful

Dallas, TX – May 21, 2024Securus Technologies, an Aventiv company and the leading provider of connections between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones, has unveiled “Come Home Ready,” an inspirational podcast series by Securus Originals. The five-episode series explores the innermost moments and challenges faced by formerly incarcerated individuals as they step back into society—a narrative that touches on the core of human resilience and adaptation.

The series explores the profound, personal milestones of coming home while balancing the everyday struggles most formerly incarcerated individuals face as they reintegrate back into the community after their release from prison or jail. Milestone range from finding a place to live or a job to being able to provide for or even reconnect with their families in meaningful ways.

At the heart of “Come Home Ready” is Teresa Hodge, a beacon of hope, business executive, Aventiv Advisory Board Chairwoman, and justice reform advocate. Her journey, like those of her guests, spans a myriad of emotions and hurdles during reentry, reminding us that coming home is both a personal and hyperlocal experience, requiring individual to carve their own path.

Imagine Teresa’s anticipation of wearing her own clothes after years away from home, only to find her favorite shirt or suit that gave comfort or confidence no longer fits. She was eager to see, touch, and use a smartphone to discover technology had become so complex that surfing the internet or calling a friend felt overwhelming.

Marking the extremely personal nature of the stories in “Come Home Ready,” Teresa remembers the small but incredibly significant moments that marked her first day home—from the reunion with her good friend, who drove more than four hours for her release to a quick family breakfast at a Cracker Barrel restaurant, to just hugging her daughter outside of a prison visitation room. Teresa’s memories remind us that reentry is filled with simple joys, individual victories, and challenges, many of which are unexpected.

“The journey to come home and be ‘ready’ is unique to each person—their life and their community, and even the most well-prepared and supported individual endures barriers that are both unexpected and difficult, all too often resulting in re-incarceration because going back to prison for many people is easier than navigating a new path,” said Teresa. “‘Come Home Ready shares stories of people who have successfully navigated their own reentry and continue to strive to overcome obstacles for themselves.”

“All of the guests found ways to give back by finding ways to improve outcomes for others in prison or as they navigate their reentry network. This inspiring podcast series gives formerly incarcerated individuals a way to learn from each other and to find a positive network of support, so they do not feel alone or without the resources to succeed.”

“Come Home Ready” shares stories of hope, transformation, community support, and human resilience, showcasing the diverse journeys of reentry. Hosted by Teresa, each episode unveils the unique paths of justice-impacted individuals. From navigating the complexities of technology to savoring the first satisfying meal at a neighborhood diner post-incarceration, the series illuminates the potential for rehabilitation and progress through relatable narratives. It underscores the importance of community effort and readiness to embrace returning individuals.

“Reentry involves more than just stepping back into society; it’s about planning your future while still behind bars,” explains Khalil Rushdan, Founder of AZ Village Network. “My release made me realize my incarcerated friends would need support, from housing to employment, and I am motivated to mentor and be present for them, offering a bridge so that when they step back into an unfamiliar world, they aren’t doing it without a community of assistance.”

The series paints a clear picture of the role technology can play while incarcerated to help individuals and their support networks as they manage their return home, pointing to lost opportunities with the growing digital divide in correctional facilities. In today’s world, where technology is crucial for daily life, losing access to it and the resources it provides can be one of the toughest challenges people encounter when coming back to their communities. Each “Come Home Ready” journey points to access to secure tablets in correctional facilities as a lifeline, from educational content to workforce and career training, or the ability to stay connected with loved ones, in preparing individuals to return to a world where innovation and progress do not stop.

After being incarcerated for 15 years, podcast guest Saad Soliman felt like an alien when he came home. Saad began working at a pizza shop, where he improved his leadership and communication skills, but found himself working three jobs at the same time to manage life. He took a bold step and launched a landscaping company, which succeeded as he continued learning valuable entrepreneurship lessons. Saad emphasizes the significance of community connections and relationships during this transition and today, as CEO of Soliman Consulting, he focuses on improving reentry ecosystems for returning individuals.

Series like “Come Home Ready” are part of Securus’ commitment to creating connections that matter—whether between loved ones and their families or with tools and resources that can help facilitate successful reentry outcomes. Securus, the leading provider of corrections communications, has invested more than $600 million in infrastructure in correctional facilities nationwide over the past five years while deploying more than 600,000 tablets, providing incarcerated individuals the resources they deserve to rebuild their lives.

All five “Come Home Ready” episodes are available at Securus Originals – ݮƵIOS, or wherever you get your podcasts. Via Securus tablets, currently incarcerated individuals can connect with stories of hope and resources that help prepare them to come home ready.

Episode 1: Witness Saad’s incredible journey to entrepreneurial success following a 15-year sentence.

Episode 2: Discover Kim’s inspiring reentry journey—achieving academic and professional success after three decades of incarceration.

Episode 3: Meet “Mr. Arizona,” an advocate for justice-impacted individuals, known for his counseling and support, after serving 15 years.

Episode 4: Hear from Valerie about her remarkable journey to break the cycle of incarceration and reconnect with family members following incarceration.

Episode 5: Sit down with Teresa and her daughter Laurin as they share their journey of resilience and empowerment through Terea’s incarceration and reentry when her family served as her anchor.

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