Excerpt from TechAcute, published October 11, 2023

Written by Melanie Manguiat

Having a loved one be taken into custody impacts the family dynamics in ways unimaginable. Aside from being unable to spend time with family physically, it’s also difficult to have any form of communication behind bars. A company from Dallas Texas, ݮƵIOS, hopes to build the bridge between incarcerated people and the world outside of prison. Serving over 1.1 million incarcerated individuals across North America, the company provides the technology and tools needed so the prisoners can learn and rehabilitate in preparation for eventually integrating themselves into society once again.

Aventive Technologies bands together with those who are impacted by this issue to provide incarcerated persons a means to connect to the outside world with . They bridge payment transactions through  for government transactions and  to enable loved ones to send money support to correctional facilities.  provides tablets and other digital tools such as reading materials. This will help incarcerated individuals with their education and provide virtual communication with their families and friends.