Excerpt from “The Kansas City Star,” published November 27, 2023.

Written by Mary Reising

Our program is lucky enough to offer in-person classes to students, supplemented by tablet technology from Securus Technologies, which creates educational access through Lantern, its learning management system. This means that program participants receive high-quality educational opportunities, as similar as possible to what they would receive on the outside. Our students’ ability to access educational
technology adds depth to our program by offering more opportunities for engagement.

Professors can utilize the learning management app to provide supplemental research and resources for students to explore. Further, the tablets provide the opportunity for students to communicate with faculty members outside of class, to continue conversations and pose questions that may have been cut short in their weekly in-person meetings.

Access to academic technology means that student learning doesn’t stop when class is over. Students can dig deeper, and push themselves further in their work, to develop a worldview in which they are just as much a SLU student as the individuals on our St. Louis campus.

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