New Transformation Commitments

Affordability, Accessibility, and Empowerment

Our Ongoing Efforts for Change

Aventiv’s transformation is centered around our effort to open the architecture of what has historically been an insular industry, and not just hear but respond to the concerns, criticism, and constructive counsel of a range of stakeholders.

No input is more valuable than the contributions of our Advisory Board, which helped shape our new commitments immeasurably and will be essential to accelerating our progress and learning. We put special emphasis on a process that sought input from consumers and justice-impacted experts with lived experience, so that Aventiv can make better products and provide more affordable, accessible services responsive to real needs.

Aventiv aimed to become a change agent; to do so, we had to invest in a process that surrounded us with a diversity of experience and expertise so we could embody and accelerate change. We are dedicated to regularly revisiting and refreshing our progress on our commitments on a semi-annual basis and to update our stakeholders on key milestones through our transformation.

New Commitments

Change at Aventiv is a daily, ongoing process, informed by data and regularly refreshed input from experts and advocates, consumers, and customers. Even as we maintain progress on previous commitments, Aventiv is embracing new and innovative ways to enhance our transformation.

We have committed to new reforms in the following five areas, even as we build on past progress:

Making connections and communications more affordable and accessible

Making money transfers more affordable

Intensifying our focus on Reentry

Using Innovation to protect privacy

Enhancing our engagement and responsiveness process


Connection and Communication

Money Transfer

Affordable Money Transfers

Open Door Opportunity Reentry

Focus on Reentry

Using Innovation to Protect Privacy

Message Conversation

Engagement and Responsiveness


Keep Making Connection, Communication More Affordable and Accessible

Affordable communication is inseparable from effective rehabilitation and reentry because of the human connections it sustains and fosters. Aventiv has seen firsthand and heard repeatedly from experts and those with lived experience that more frequent communication with friends and family leads to better outcomes in rehabilitative justice.

Outside the walls of correctional facilities, for the most part, communication has become inexpensive because access to infrastructure from wireless technology to high-speed broadband is near ubiquitous. That’s not true in correctional facilities, where we must build and deploy technology infrastructure for modern technology, often from the ground up, working to address some of America’s remaining technology deserts. Because of the unique safety and security requirements that must be factored into a correctional facility’s communication infrastructure, fees and costs are higher.

As we continue to expand on our commitments, providing accessible and affordable communications services to keep incarcerated individuals and their loved ones connected remains a central focus. We plan to offer more free services and lower costs by implementing the following initiatives.


Despite unprecedented inflation and increasing costs affecting the critical products and services we provide, we commit that we will take no price increases for voice, e-messaging and money transfers this year.

We will collaborate with regulators to restart a pilot subscription program, which, in its trial period, increased free calls by 25% while reducing costs by 50%.

We will increase our current offerings of free calls and free stamps because it is essential that everyone have a baseline of connectivity, whether they or their families can afford to pay at all.

Money Transfer

Make Money Transfers More Affordable

Access to money is an important part of obtaining resources inside the walls of correctional facilities, including services that play an integral role in successful reentry. Many of our consumers’ families and loved ones are unbanked and have limited access to technology and options to send money.

Especially at a time when the costs of goods and services are rising for the friends and families of justice-impacted individuals, consumers want and deserve affordability, accessibility, and predictability in all product pricing.

With our consumers in mind, we’ve started transforming money transfers by building on what we learned from our progress reforming phone calls and have begun work reducing the costs of money transfers by testing different solutions to find the best ones. We will continue to identify innovative solutions to reduce costs by adhering to the following initiatives.

We will test simpler pricing programs to make money transfers more accessible.

We will configure lower price options for consumers to ensure money transfers are more affordable.

We will continue to be transparent by piloting new options in the marketplace and report back semi-annually with a progress report and plan to fully implement.

Open Door Opportunity Reentry

Intensifying Focus on Reentry

Reentry must begin the day someone enters the system – not the day they leave it. We have the unique opportunity to reach more people earlier with education, training, and services through high-quality and safe technologies to make reentry successful.

Every product, every tool we provide, must be carefully engineered so it can’t be hacked or misused to hurt anyone – including personnel, other justice-impacted individuals, or those outside facilities who must be protected from threats and harassment. Because of this, correctional facilities have become technology deserts, which impacts a number of factors including recidivism and reentry.

One of our most important initiatives is to expand Aventiv into a technology company that can provide smarter products and services that contribute to better reentry outcomes and eradicate these technology deserts.

We will expand free-to-consumer education and skill-training on our platform.

We will use our position in the industry to advocate for reducing barriers to employment for people with records.

We will ensure equitable access when creating content and applications via tablets.

We will prioritize apps and content developed by those with lived experience of incarceration.

Using Innovation to Protect Privacy

Aventiv is committed to protecting the civil liberties of all those who use our products while keeping incarcerated individuals, correctional staff, and the public safe and secure. Our correctional agency customers require that we record outbound calls to help prevent and detect attempts to threaten victims or coordinate criminal activity.

At the same time, we provide all our customers a variety of safeguards to prevent the recording of “Private” calls, including calls to attorneys, clergy, and medical personnel. In extraordinarily rare instances, however, factors outside of our control can contribute to the inadvertent recording of calls to phone numbers which users intended to be Private. Estimates have placed this occurrence at well under one-tenth of one percent of our call traffic.

When that happens, we take immediate efforts to resolve the issue, including removing the call recordings from our database so they cannot be accessed and coordinating with the impacted customer to ensure the number is treated properly going forward.

But defending the minuscule number of times a call to a Private number is inadvertently recorded is much less important to us than taking concrete action to address those factors outside of our control. Instead, Aventiv is acting to provide a new and innovative solution.

We will be the first company in our industry to pilot an attorney-registration portal program.

We aim to fully deploy the attorney-registration portal nationwide in 2023.

We will launch a major outreach and public education effort to drive understanding and adoption of the attorney-registration portal.

Engagement and Responsiveness

At Aventiv, we are opening the architecture of our company to receive and respond to inputs and work with an array of stakeholders, from consumers and customers to regulators and policymakers. What we’ve found is that customers, consumers, and affected communities all want to improve the status quo – and they have much more in common than some assume.

In response to this, we have already interwoven collaboration with regulators and a data-driven approach to our overall transformation process. We have acted on some of the outputs of these initiatives by building an Advisory Board of experts and advocates in reentry, rehabilitation, and education and piloted subscription calling plans after hearing directly from consumers about the importance of budget predictability.

We have more listening to do as we reform corporate policy, transform services and technology provided to consumers, and seek talent to join the Aventiv team.

We will hold Town Hall Meetings with consumers and affected communities, facilitated by the Aventiv Advisory Board.

We are building a “Justice Impacted Sandbox” to facilitate ideation and innovation and create and distribute content by those with lived incarceration experience.

We will organize two Demo Days to receive live feedback to product teams.

We will identify and develop partnerships with 3-5 “justice impacted” groups to develop and onboard our tablet platform applications.

We will hold quarterly Advisory Board meetings and engage with subcommittees on a regular, ongoing basis.

We will continue to attend National Advocacy Forums around the country for input and partnership.