With Andre Norman

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance. 

Your loved one’s past may have led to incarceration, but that past does not define them. It’s possible for them to live a life full of hope, love, and meaningful relationships. Check out SEC2ND ACTS™ podcasts with Andre Norman to see how others have turned their lives around.


Season One

Episode 1: It’s Up To You To Make The Game Winnable – featuring Wallstreet Trapper

Episode 2: It Starts With You – The Key to Successful Entrepreneurship – featuring Matty J

Episode 3: Your Condition is Not Your Conclusion – featuring Jeremy Anderson

Episode 4: Use the Life You’re Given to Get the Life You Want – featuring Michelle Falconer

Episode 5: Valuable People Attract People Of Value – featuring Jamel Jackson

Episode 6: Living with Intention – featuring Kenneth Igwe

Episode 7: Start with the End Result in Mind – featuring Mark Sterling

Episode 8: You’re the Only One Who Knows the Real You – featuring Keon Davis

Episode 9: Forgiveness: Start with Yourself First – featuring Michael Brown Sr.

Episode 10: Everyone Deserves a Second Act – featuring Dominic Williams

Episode 11: Turn Your Biggest Negative into Your Biggest Positive – featuring Lecrae

Season One Trailers

Sec2nd Acts Podcast Series With Andre Norman: Trailer 1

Sec2nd Acts Podcast Series With Andre Norman: Trailer 2

Sec2nd Acts Podcast Series With Andre Norman: Trailer 3

*Incarcerated individuals located at participating facilities will also have access to this series via their tablets.