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Come Home Ready

‘Come Home Ready’ Episode 5: Empowering Reentry: A Mother-Daughter Journey

Come Home Ready

‘Come Home Ready’ Episode 4: Valerie’s Journey: From Incarceration to Empowerment

Come Home Ready

‘Come Home Ready’ Episode 3: Empowering Justice-Impacted Men

Come Home Ready

‘Come Home Ready’ Episode 2: Kim’s Journey: From Prison to Empowerment

Come Home Ready

‘Come Home Ready’ Episode 1: Saad’s Journey: From Prison to Prosperity

Come Home Ready

‘Come Home Ready’ Trailer

Defying Destiny

‘Defying Destiny’ Episode 6

Defying Destiny

‘Defying Destiny’ Episode 4

Defying Destiny

‘Defying Destiny’ Episode 3

Defying Destiny

‘Defying Destiny’ Episode 2

Defying Destiny

‘Defying Destiny’ Episode 1

Defying Destiny

‘Defying Destiny’ Trailer 2

Defying Destiny

‘Defying Destiny’ Trailer

Developing Skills and Talents

Tablets allow incarcerated individuals to stay connected to their loved ones and give them the opportunity to build their skills for second chances.

Creating Pathways that Lead Back to Opportunities

1 in 3 Americans have an arrest or conviction record… and by the year 2030 that number is expected to 100 million people…

Inspirational Stories from Incarcerated Securus Lantern Students

Incarcerated students share how having access to education and earning their college degrees has created new hope.

Securus Original Hip-Hop Campaign – Winning Track, I Think

Securus spearheaded the first-ever “Original Hip-Hop Track Contest” for individuals incarcerated in Department of Corrections facilities throughout the U.S.

A True Second Chance Partnership with Televerde

In October of 2020, Aventiv partnered with Televerde to power our inbound phone call engagement centers.

Fight Against Human Trafficking

Securus and In Our Backyard partner to help identify Human Traffickers and bring them to justice.

Hudson Link Partnership

Aventiv partnered with Hudson Link to help support and amplify education efforts in NYSDOCCS facilities.

Dallas County Partnership

Securus Technologies partnered with Dallas County detention centers to provide tablets to incarcerated individuals to help keep them connected with their families.

Family Time and Tales

Securus partnered with Leon County to launch the Family Time and Tales program, providing free video connect sessions.

Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward: Partnering With Freedom Rides to Help the Formerly Incarcerated