Securus Technologies Launches Securus Connects to Share Stories on How Technology Strengthens the Bonds of Incarcerated Individuals and Their Loved Ones

DALLAS, Texas (December 3, 2019) – Securus Technologies® is committed to increasing opportunities for incarcerated individuals to connect with their family and friends. As part of this initiative, a new campaign entitled, Securus Connects, focuses on these relationships at facilities where communication services are utilized to maintain and nurture these interactions. In the coming months, a bi-weekly video will be posted at .

The personal stories bring Securus products to life, showcasing the positive impact digital communications have on bringing families together and helping keep connections strong, even throughout the most difficult times.

“Securus Technologies cares about building stronger ties between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones,” said Chief Growth Officer Russell Roberts, Securus Technologies. “That’s why we continue to provide changemaking technology to facilities around the nation, giving families more chances to stay connected wherever they are.”