Using Securus tablets, incarcerated Individuals can get ready for re-entry by reviewing job openings with over 1,200 fair-chance employers through the Honest Jobs application

February 15, 2023 (Dallas, TX)- Finding employment after being released from incarceration is a challenge. To help incarcerated individuals connect with meaningful employment opportunities Securus Technologies, an Aventiv company using technology to better serve the incarcerated, has teamed up with the nation’s leading job board for people affected by the criminal justice system. Having access to rehabilitation and reentry resources during incarceration is imperative to a successful reentry plan. This partnership empowers incarcerated individuals by providing visibility to second-chance employers and potential job opportunities so they can prepare for applying and interviewing once released.

“We want incarcerated individuals to succeed when they leave prison. Amongst the most crucial aspects of successful reintegration and limiting recidivism is providing incarcerated individuals with opportunities and connections to find, apply and secure stable and rewarding jobs,” said Dave Abel, CEO of ݮƵIOS. “This partnership with Honest Jobs, a company that has a proven track record of connecting incarcerated Americans with employers, helps us deliver access to real, tangible job opportunities to create better outcomes for re-entry.”

Incarcerated users can access the Honest Jobs application for free on Securus tablets to search through thousands of job openings from vetted employers who have established they hire individuals with criminal convictions. The application is easy to operate, allowing users to filter employment opportunities by job title, keywords, zip code, city, and other criteria. The app was built with an intuitive interface specific for those affected by the justice system, so users also benefit from:

  • ConflixAI scores – unique to Honest Jobs, every job opportunity is color coded with a score for its compatibility with the job seeker’s individual legal record.
  • Fair-chance badges – all employers receive fair-chance badges that indicate the number of verified hires they have made through Honest Jobs.

“Finding a secure and rewarding job is a life changing experience for anyone. Employment empowers people, endows them with a sense of purpose, and grows their self-worth,” said Harley Blakeman, Founder and CEO of Honest Jobs. “A successful reentry is dependent on securing employment and the Securus tablets will put the Honest Jobs platform in the hands of hundreds of thousands of incarcerated people across the country who can use our tools to turn their lives around. We can’t do it alone, which is why this partnership is so important.”

It is or 1 in 3 adults, have a criminal record, and more than from state and federal prisons annually. These employment resources and second chance hire companies are vital for those who have fulfilled their sentence. Securus is proud to add Honest Jobs to the robust suite of free educational and reentry resources available on the Securus tablets.