DALLAS, TX – Securus Technologies this week filed its annual ICS report with the FCC, reflecting data for calendar year 2019. While the data does not reflect ongoing pricing reforms implemented under new Chief Executive Officer Dave Abel, the information is nonetheless relevant as a benchmark for future progress.

In response to the new data, Mr. Abel said:

“Our 2019 report to the FCC shows that while some progress was made last year, we still have a long way to go. When I became CEO of Securus in January 2020, I committed to a multi-year transformation effort to make our products and services more affordable and more accessible. We’re already making substantial progress toward those goals, and we intend to go farther and move faster this year and in the future.

“For example, the 2019 data includes older contracts in individual states and counties that have rates that are unacceptably high. We are now in the process of renegotiating many of those contracts to bring rates in line with our national average of 15 cents a minute. More broadly, we’re working with agency customers on access and rate-reduction initiatives across the board, and in response to the coronavirus crisis are now providing millions of free calls, video connections and emails connecting incarcerated individuals with their families.

“To the extent our report to the FCC for 2019 is already outdated, it does provide an important baseline for measuring the efficacy of our 2020 initiatives and our progress in implementing reforms this year and beyond.”

Securus will provide regular progress reports and updates on its progress at: transformation.aventiv.com


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