New offerings will help corrections officers eliminate contraband, improve staffing efficiency and facility safety, and increase access to tablet technology

Washington, D.C. – January 4, 2024 — , a modern technology platform delivering secure and affordable products to improve public safety and help incarcerated individuals successfully reenter society, announced today new product offerings to highlight across the American Correctional Association’s (ACA) Winter Conference held this week in National Harbor, Maryland.

Twice annually, the ACA conference convenes corrections officials from across the country to explore and examine industry trends and services that promote efficiencies and safety standards in correctional facilities. As the market leader in corrections technology for more than three decades, no one better understands the pressure correctional facilities are under to deliver quality, accessible products and services that improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, as staffing vacancies and budget pressures grow with a volatile economy.

“Securus understands that every customer and consumer has unique needs. Over the past four years, we have invested more than $400MM in capital to build the quality infrastructure and innovative solutions that help keep families and communities safe and connected when a loved one is incarcerated,” said Dave Abel, CEO of Aventiv, the parent company of Securus and JPay. “We will continue to focus on innovation that helps correctional staff create calmer, more peaceful, and more productive environments for the incarcerated and employees that work in facilities.”

Among the new products Securus Technologies unveiled today:

Unity Mounts:  Securus has streamlined its terminal interface for incarcerated individuals to communicate and conduct video visits with loved ones. The ease of installation and maintenance of the new Mounts units reduces the reliance on staff to manage operation and usage. The new Mounts will begin shipping in Q1 2024.

Updated Charging Solutions: Securus will expand the availability of wireless charging carts in response to growing demand from correctional facilities that want to increase the number of tablets available to incarcerated individuals. Our updated suite of charging solutions will make it easier to distribute, charge, and service tablets. With wireless charging carts, incarcerated individuals have regular access to their tablets and officers do not need to collect and charge tablets at night, reducing the demand on facility staff.

Today, more than 650,000 Securus tablets are available to incarcerated individuals nationwide. In addition to giving incarcerated individuals access to the technology to connect with their loved ones, our secure tablets also provide access to vital reentry resources, including free employment search tools, educational programming, faith-based programming, podcasts, thousands of eBooks, and more. This content increases efficiency and safety in facilities by connecting incarcerated individuals with productive uses of their time that help reduce disciplinary challenges and increase efficiency and safety in facilities. In offering these new and innovative products and services, Securus continues its commitments to connect and empower stakeholders across the justice system. To discover how Securus, an Aventiv company, is shaping the future of justice and innovation, please visit ݮƵIOS.


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