Sector’s First Subscription Plan Model Also Increases Call Length by 27 Percent

Securus Technologies today reported that its first-of-its-kind subscription pricing plan increased call length by 27 percent while reducing the per-minute cost by over 50 percent at six participating sites in a pilot program launched late last year/in December 2020. The plan was developed as a direct result of input from justice-involved families who met with Securus leadership throughout 2020 to share first-hand their experiences staying connected and their need for a predictable spending plan and more talk time.

A subscription model offers consumers a fixed price monthly calling plan for intrastate phone calls, which are subject to the designated call duration established by the facility, as opposed to the industry norm of charging consumers on a per-minute basis. The program offers a more affordable and predictable model for incarcerated Americans and their loved ones to stay connected.

“It was important to us that we engage with customers, hear about their experiences when using our services and find ways to better meet their needs and create more opportunities for loved ones to communicate,” said Dave Abel, President and CEO of ݮƵIOS, parent company of Securus Technologies. “The subscription pricing program is an example of our commitment to make our products more affordable and accessible, and the initial success has built a promising framework for us to soon expand the program to sites across the nation. We are pleased that this plan not only has lowered costs, but resulted in families being able to engage on longer phone calls with their loved ones.”  

Launched at six participating agencies, the program has driven down costs while increased the amount of time loved ones actually speak to each other.  An initial program survey found 80 percent of participants said this type of program was important to them, and felt the user experience was easy to use.  Additionally, 70 percent of survey participants would recommend the subscription plan to family and friends. The company is working to extend and expand the program to additional sites across the nation, though such a model cannot currently be offered for interstate calls due to federal regulations.

“When Securus approached us to trial a subscription program that would make phone calls cheaper and more frequent, we jumped at the chance and it’s been rewarding to see the difference it’s made for our population,” said Fannin County Sheriff, Mark Johnson. “More than 70% of our friends and family have enrolled in the subscription plan. We are proud to be one of the first facilities to take a chance and make measurable change to provide cost savings for our community while increasing connections.”

The new offering comes amid a sweeping, multi-year transformation effort to make Securus’ services and products as affordable, accessible, and responsive to community needs as possible. The company has also successfully renegotiated contracts to lower costs, met with community activists, and expanded its educational offerings throughout the past year.