First Ten episodes titled, “Sec2nd Acts with Andre Norman,” are available for free to both incarcerated individuals as well as the general public

DALLAS, TX, July 30, 2021 — Securus Technologies introduced Securus Originals, a new educational and inspirational storytelling platform that will be delivered free-of-charge to incarcerated individuals through the company’s SecureView and JP6S tablets and available to the general public on iTunes and the Google Play store. The debut offering of this new service is a ten part audio podcast and video series titled “Sec2nd Acts with Andre Norman,” highlighting remarkable personal stories of those who overcame adversity, persevered against the odds and demonstrated unwavering resilience to achieve a successful second chance. Podcast host, Andre Norman, is known as “” and is a published author as well as the founder of The Academy of Hope, a violence reduction prison-based program.

Produced and distributed by Securus Technologies, Norman’s ten part series is centered around mindfulness, education, and successful reentry after release. Each of the ten podcast episodes features guests that share their personal experiences addressing issues such as rebuilding finances, restarting a career, reinvigorating the mind and body, and reintegrating with family – all fundamental qualities and skills needed for a successful reentry,. 

“I’ve had first-hand experience with that feeling of discouragement that comes with incarceration, but I also understand the redemptive power of second chances,” said Norman, recalling his own 14-year incarceration journey and the new life he created for himself afterwards. “My goal is this podcast will create hope for the hopeless and provide relatable content that will inspire incarcerated individuals to be better; do better. In spite of the struggles of incarceration, we all have control over our own choices, our commitment to rehabilitation and most importantly how we better ourselves and our communities.”

The first Sec2nd Chance podcast episode will feature Leon Howard, better known as Wallstreet Trapper. At 9-years old, he witnessed the horrific act of his mother getting shot, and shortly after he fell into a life of crime and repeated incarceration. His life changed the moment he decided to plot his Second Act by starting to study finance while behind bars and becoming a finance powerhouse and mentor post-incarceration. 

“We strongly believe in the transformative power of relatable, authentic content that may help change the trajectory of someone’s life – that is why we invested in the creation and production of Securus Originals,” said Dave Abel, President and CEO of ݮƵIOS, the parent company of Securus. “This platform will deliver real-life storytelling that is meant to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life, and we look forward to delivering even more impactful and entertaining content later this year.”

All podcasts are available for free for incarcerated individuals that have SecureView and JP6S tablets, and a new episodes will be released on Thursdays. Incarcerated individuals can access the series through their tablets and the content is also available on iTunes and the Google Play store.