A brand-new Easter special — including words of worship and songs of faith — will be available on April 17th through Securus tablets so incarcerated individuals can celebrate the holiday with original religious content

Securus Technologies, a company that offers connectivity and rehabilitative resources to incarcerated individuals nationwide, today announced its expanded collaboration with God Behind Bars and their digital platform Pando, a first-of-its-kind app that provides faith-based content to incarcerated individuals for free. Securus, in conjunction with Pando, will offer a special one-hour Easter Sunday program to incarcerated individuals in more than 80 facilities across 29 states, featuring:

  • Motivational words from a surprise celebrity guest
  • An inspirational sermon delivered by Transformation Church
  • Guidance from Hosanna Wong, a spiritual word artist
  • Moving music from Maverick City

The brand-new Easter Sunday special will be available beginning just after midnight EST on Sunday, April 17th.

“Our vision is to create and provide the greatest faith-based content available, and one of our most important partnerships is with Securus so we can reach some of the most vulnerable men and women within our corrections system,” said Isaac Holt, Director of Innovation for God Behind Bars. “The power of technology has amplified the voice of God through the cement walls of prisons, and we could not be more thrilled and grateful to provide a new Easter Sunday program to the incarcerated so all those who choose to can pray and celebrate the holiday together.”

The Pando app is available for free through the Securus tablets, providing the incarcerated with access to faith-based content from 50 churches and ministries across the country to help transform their lives through physical, spiritual, and relational needs. More than 318,000 accounts belong to the incarcerated who enjoy Christian resources such as movies, music, sermons, life stories, spiritual guidance, and prayers and devotions.

“We are proud to be deepening our relationship with God Behind Bars because of the organization’s compassionate commitment to supporting the unique emotional and spiritual needs of incarcerated individuals, particularly during a holiday dedicated to renewal,” said Dave Abel, President and CEO of Aventiv, Parent Company of Securus Technologies. “Our tablet technology serves many purposes, which is why our vision is to have a device in the hands of every incarcerated individual. And one of the most powerful purposes of our tablets is to provide free access to religious content for those who want to worship and access faith-based content whenever they want or need it.”

About God Behind Bars and the PANDO App

Pando is a unique app that delivers quality, faith-based content into the hands of incarcerated individuals all across the country. God Behind Bars partners with local and national churches and organizations to stream their sermons, worship music, podcasts, and devotionals directly onto inmate’s tablets through our revolutionary, free app. In addition to video content, the app also provides the first-ever digital Bible available to our nation’s inmates, and an interactive prayer request wall. Pando launched January 1, 2021, and as of today, has seen 327,283 inmate accounts created, 56,126 marked decisions for Jesus, and 12.8 million video views within the app. It is our goal to reach every inmate in the country with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.