Securus Technologies today announced a corporate reorganization that reflects the company’s continuing transformation from a traditional corrections telecommunications service provider to a diversified technology company providing innovative solutions to customers across multiple sectors.

“We are transforming the company at every level,” said CEO Robert Pickens. “Mindful of both our customers and our critics, we are working to ensure that our core communications services are more affordable, responsive and attuned to the needs of all of our customers, including corrections agencies, incarcerated individuals and their families and friends.

“At the same time, we are developing innovative technology products and services that will better serve customers and consumers, and have broader application beyond the corrections marketplace,” Mr. Pickens said.

The reorganization represents a commitment by the company to make complex connections more affordable, simple and secure than ever before; to relentlessly pursue innovation and excellence; and to lead with new technology products and services that benefit all those who use them.

The new structure comprises three distinct business lines for government payments and corrections services that will operate independently under a new corporate umbrella, as follows:

ݮƵIOS. This new entity will be the corporate parent and will focus on research, development and innovation of new technology products and services.

Securus Technologies will focus on products and services that support communications, security, entertainment, education and re-entry for correctional facilities, incarcerated individuals and their friends and families.

JPay will focus on money transfer products in the corrections space, including account funding, release cards and parole and probation payments.

AllPaid, formerly known as GovPayNet, will focus on government payments outside the corrections space.

Together, the business will focus both on expanding capabilities and providing innovative technologies to a broader audience as well as introducing new and expanded products and services. A small preview of the product line expansions being introduced in 2020 includes:

Next Generation Tablets. Securus Technologies’ JPay tablet was the first tablet available for use in correctional facilities. In 2020, Securus will unveil the sixth generation of its innovative device, which will be upgraded to feature more user-friendly interfaces, state-of-the-art security measures, a slimmer design, and more capacity, while still offering a host of new services designed to help incarcerated individuals stay connected and prepare for success upon re-entry.

New Government Payment Platform. AllPaid is a powerful payment platform that provides secure and seamless multi-channel payment processing to government agencies across the U.S. In 2020, AllPaid will launch a modern, redesigned platform that will provide the best citizen experience in the industry.

New Financial Management Tool. JPay will introduce a new financial management tool that will lower the cost of money transfers and other financial services for users. The new tool will also support financial planning and financial wellness, helping incarcerated individuals develop a more stable foundation for success upon release.