Support Comes as Securus Leads Sweeping Transformation Agenda to Drive Change in Correctional Telecommunications Industry

As communities across the country seek to lower the cost of correctional communications, Securus Technologies remains committed to its multi-year reform agenda to drive deep change in the correctional telecommunications industry. To advance that effort and make calls more affordable, Securus is working alongside local officials to implement consumer-friendly funding models chosen by community leaders – including taxpayer-funded models that provide the company’s services at no cost to incarcerated individuals or their families.

The company has already implemented a taxpayer-funded model in a major metropolitan area, where the New York City DOC is in year two of using public funds to cover the cost of correctional communications. It is proud to support a similar effort in San Diego, which will provide phone calls and Securus Video Connect services at no direct cost to consumers beginning Thursday, July 1.

In response to San Diego’s decision, the company issued the following statement:

“San Diego’s decision to make phone calls and Securus Video Connect sessions free for all incarcerated individuals is the latest example of the creative ways in which communities are re-thinking correctional communications. Securus is proud to be working with local officials in San Diego to implement this model and increase access to our communications tools. We look forward to bringing our experience in implementing free-to-consumer models to the city, and we will work alongside San Diego County to assist with this transformative conversion.

“We fully understand how important it is for incarcerated individuals to stay connected with their loved ones, which is why we are spearheading an industry-leading initiative to change our industry for the better. That means using every tool at our disposal to lower costs, including offering municipalities zero commissions and fully taxpayer-funded options in all new and renegotiated contracts. As we look toward the future, we will continue to innovate and find new ways to make our services as affordable as possible even as we maintain our robust public safety infrastructure.”

Securus’ commitment to community choice funding models comes as it has renegotiated hundreds of contracts nationwide to lower rates by 30 percent, deployed a new pilot subscription model at the request of impacted communities, and provided hundreds of millions of free communications during the COVID-19 pandemic. Details about the company’s progress are available .