Yesterday, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed SB 972, legislation that will make Connecticut the first U.S. state to adopt a fully taxpayer funded model for calls made from correctional institutions. Under this new taxpayer funded law, incarcerated individuals and their families will not be charged for calls, making it even easier to communicate with loved ones.

Securus Technologies, which currently operates and maintains the secure calling systems used in Connecticut state correctional facilities, released the following statement:

We applaud Connecticut lawmakers for passing, and the governor for signing, legislation that will make phone calls free to incarcerated individuals and their families. This important legislation not only provides relief for consumers, it also is a bellwether for other state and local jurisdictions looking for ways to make these products and services more affordable and more accessible.

As part of its own reform program, Securus has offered both zero commission and fully taxpayer-funded options in all contracts since last year, and the company previously managed a seamless transition in New York City to a free-to-consumers model. As service provider to the Connecticut Department of Corrections, we will work to ensure a seamless transition there as well.  

To jump-start that transition, we are pleased to have worked with state corrections officials to implement an immediate reduction of 20% in average call rates charged to consumers, effective July 1. Under the legislation, calls will be free to consumers no later than Oct. 1, 2022.

Securus Technologies has been engaged in an ongoing transformation effort to improve access to its services and provide greater support for those impacted by incarceration. Details about the company’s progress are available .