Today, the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office announced that the corrections industry’s newest tablets – the JP6S devices – are now available to incarcerated individuals at Sussex County Jail. The tablet program deployed on November 9, 2021 is made possible through a partnership with Securus Technologies, creating the opportunity for individuals to access free reentry and educational offerings, as well as premium media and communication services.

The JP6S tablets give incarcerated individuals the ability to securely connect with loved ones and facilitate more meaningful and frequent communication. Users can also access a range of free applications focused on reentry and education, including eBooks, the job search application JobView, the educational platform KA Lite, Law Library, and more. Incarcerated individuals also have the option to subscribe to a low-cost monthly account through the SecureView MakeMine program, which allows them to correspond with loved ones through e-messaging and place phone calls on the tablet, as well as access premium media offerings such as movies, games, and music.

“Providing this state-of-the-art technology to the incarcerated community is crucial to reducing recidivism and getting these folks on a positive path as they reintegrate into society,” said Sheriff Ernest Giles. “By providing our incarcerated individuals with the tools to learn, grow, and connect with their family, we hope to give them the strong footing they need to successfully rejoin their community upon release.”

The tablets are uniquely designed for the correctional environment and are equipped with shatterproof glass, security screws, and a double shield casing to prevent misuse. Additionally, the operating system is built to function through a closed infrastructure, meaning that incarcerated individuals can only connect to a secure and private network that allows access to functions approved by the facility. The tablets do not allow access to the internet or social networks.

“We applaud Sheriff Giles for his work with Securus to ensure the incarcerated community remains in touch with friends and family during this holiday season and beyond, giving them a crucial bridge to the ones that mean the most,” said Nancy Salisbury, Vice President of Sales for Securus Technologies. “Sussex County is taking such an important step forward by providing its incarcerated community with these new tools to stay connected with loved ones, and continue their rehabilitation so that they can have a successful second chance. We’re proud to be a partner.”

The JP6 tablets were deployed along with Video Connect terminals, allowing incarcerated individuals to have digital face-to-face engagements with loved ones.  The Video Connect sessions are a supplemental option for in-person visits.