Uinta County (WY) Sheriff Doug Matthews today announced the adoption of SecureView tablets in the county’s detention center. The implementation of tablet technology represents the county’s commitment to bettering the lives of incarcerated individuals and equipping them with the tools needed for better outcomes upon reentry. Provided by Securus Technologies, the hand-held devices offer the incarcerated population access to digital communication and media services, as well as no-cost reentry and education resources.

Studies show that increased communication between loved ones has proven to reduce recidivism. In addition to helping nurture relationships, tablets also provide access to engaging applications so incarcerated individuals can be productive with their time, which helps reduce infractions.

“We implemented the SecureView tablets only a few weeks ago and already our detention facility has seen a positive shift in the safety, attitude, and behavior among our population, resulting in a visible reduction in offenses and improvement of everyday life in the facility,” said Uinta County Sheriff Doug Matthews. “This program demonstrates the power of the human connection delivered through a digital mechanism, providing incarcerated individuals with a sense of hope and shifts to their mindset as many prepare for returning to a normal life.”

In addition to communication services such as e-messaging and phone call capabilities, the SecureView tablets are equipped with media applications, such as games, music and movies, which help users stay be productive with their time which also improves safety. The tablet also allows for individuals to work on their personal development through no-cost applications such as eBooks, podcasts, KA Lite education videos and job searches via JobView. The tablets operate through the Securus MakeMine Program, allowing individuals to log into their pre-registered account on any tablet to access their content, or alternatively, individual tablets are available to rent for $5 per month.

“Tablet technology can improve relationships through increased communication and provide ongoing access to reentry tools; both will better prepare the incarcerated for success once released,” said Russell Roberts, Chief Growth Officer, Securus Technologies. “The initial launch of the tablet program has proven to improve the wellbeing of the Uinta County Detention Center population. We commend Sheriff Matthews for providing access to tools and resources that will benefit the incarcerated during their time served, especially while in-person visits are suspended during this wide-spread health crisis.”

Uinta County Detention Center currently houses over 55 incarcerated individuals, and the facility has partnered with Securus Technologies to offer their incarcerated population one free Securus Video Connect session each week to ensure loved ones stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Uinta County Sheriff’s Office:

Uinta County is one of the five original Counties making up the Wyoming Territory with boundaries on the south with Utah and on the north with Montana. Uinta County is rich with old west history. Outlaw Butch Cassidy was incarcerated in the Uinta County Jail for stealing a horse. There are many other colorful stories of lawmen and bandits that tell our history. In 1911 the boundaries of the County were redrawn to the present day boundaries.

“Law Enforcement as it was in the past; is a necessary component, for the residents of Uinta County to have a safe, secure place to live. I believe that community involvement with the Sheriff’s Office is the only way to be truly effective in our efforts to deal with the ills of society and protect our independent way of life. The Uinta Sheriff’s Office exists to serve and protect the citizens of our County.

“Be assured that the men and women of the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office care deeply about the citizens of this County and with your help we will make it even a better place to live.”

— Sheriff Doug Matthews