Fees for 3rd party retail transactions reduced to $4.95

ݮƵIOS and its corrections-services subsidiary Securus Technologies today announced that it has renegotiated pricing on third party vendor contracts.  Consumers pay processing fees for cash deposits to fund telephone accounts by third party retail vendors such as Western Union and MoneyGram.  These new prices result in a combined total cost reduction for consumers of more than 50 percent. The reduction comes amid an expansive and holistic corporate transformation launched in January, with the goal of making products more accountable, affordable, and accessible.

“We are proud to have reduced third-party financial transaction fees by more than 50 percent for our telephone account customers,” said Dave Abel, president and CEO of ݮƵIOS, parent company of Securus Technologies. “We know there is more work to be done, but we continue to deliver on our promise to make our services as affordable and accessible as possible.”

Aventiv will continue to release progress updates on the organization’s transformation commitments, including making products and services more affordable and accessible. For past progress reports and a detailed overview of the company’s commitments and goals, visit .